2024 Jewish FilmFest

30th Annual Jewish FilmFest of Eastern CT

Presented by the Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut

MARCH 21 – MAY 2, 2024

The Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut (JFEC) is proud to present Eastern Connecticut's 30th annual Jewish FilmFest of Eastern CT, celebrating 30 years of Jewish history, culture, and identity. The FilmFest will run from Thursday, March 21 through Thursday, May 2, 2024. The Jewish Federation is excited to present this year’s FilmFest with all in person showings.

Individual ticket sales are $12 per person, per movie. The 2024 FilmPass is for 5 films for $48 per person. The FilmPass excludes CALL ME DANCER.

Please note: CALL ME DANCER will be screened on Tuesday, April 16, at 7 pm, at United Theatre in Westerly, RI. 

Tickets for CALL ME DANCER can only be purchased on the United Theatre website or at the door. 

It is strongly recommended that tickets be purchased ahead of time since the FilmFest movies screened at United Theatre over the past 2 years have sold out. Tickets for this movie can only be purchased through United Theatre.


Germany, 2023, Comedy, German with English subtitles, 121 minutes

Thursday, March 21, 7:00pm, Olin Science Center, Connecticut College


ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT. To save the synagogue of the once largest Jewish community in the world from being shut down, Ben, an ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Jew visiting Jerusalem, is sent out to be the desperately needed tenth man for the ceremonies of Pesach. Having missed his plane and been kicked off the bus in the Sinai Desert, his last hope is Adel, a grumpy Bedouin looking for his camel. Rescued by monks when their car breaks down, Ben is too sick to go on. It is the Bedouin disguised as Ben who is now rushing on towards Alexandria to save the Jewish community.



Israel, 2023, Comedy, Hebrew with English subtitles, 87 minutes

Tuesday, April 2, 7:00pm, Temple Emanu-El


The country's greatest film producer whose film wins at the Cannes Film festival. But, after two years of struggling through COVID, difficulties with investors wanting their money back, films not distributed and a difficult divorce settlement, Jonathan must sell his company with all its assets. Unaware of the situation his new wife throws him a surprise party to celebrate his win at Cannes, inviting everyone. When Jonathan finds out about it he decides to wire the whole house with cameras. Who among us wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall at his own party?



France, 2023, Drama/Romance, French with English subtitles, 93 minutes

Tuesday, April 9, 7:00pm, Temple Emanu-El


Romeo and Juliet in 1942. She was Jewish. He was Catholic. Annette and Jean wanted to get married, but Jean’s parents were opposed. Annette Zelman was reported to the Gestapo by her fiancé’s father and was sent to Auschwitz. Based on a story in ‘Dénoncer les Juifs sous l’Occupation’ (Informing on Jews during the Occupation) by Laurent Joly.



India/U.K./Israel/U.S.A., 2023, Drama/Inspiration, English and Hindi, 84 minutes

Tuesday, April 16, 7:00pm, United Theatre, Westerly, RI


A story of hope, heartache, and hard work. Together, Manish and Yehuda transform each other’s lives, searching to uncover who and what they are. Yehuda seeks a purpose and a place to call home. Manish dreams of dancing on the world-stage but struggles to break free from the confines of his own economic and social circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for Call Me Dancer can only be purchased on the United Theatre website or at the door.

It is strongly recommended that tickets be purchased ahead of time since the FilmFest movies screened at United Theatre over the past 2 years have sold out.



Israel, 2023, Comedy, Hebrew, Arabic, French with English subtitles, 108 minutes

Sunday, April 28, 2:00pm, Olin Science Center, Connecticut College


SEVEN BLESSINGS revolves around an eventful Jewish Moroccan family wedding and the traditional blessings that are pronounced during the ceremony, again at the reception, and then again for the next seven nights with loved ones hosting special dinners in the couple’s honor. Behind the facade of joie de vivre and togetherness, there are secrets, lies, and a painful old wound that forces them to confront the past while wrecking the present, all entwined in this acclaimed story about fury, forgiveness, and food.



France, 2023, Crime/Drama, French with English subtitles, 115 minutes

Thursday, May 2, 7:00pm, Temple Emanu-El


Chronicles the trial of Goldman, a French left-wing revolutionary who was convicted of several robberies and was mysteriously murdered. Considered to be the trial of the century, the Goldman trial reflects the political, ideological, and racial tensions that marked the 1970s in France and Europe.


2024 FilmFest Sponsors

The Jewish FilmFest of Eastern CT committee wishes to send a heartfelt “Todah Rabah” to the members of our community who continue to annually support the FilmFest. Your support enables us to bring exceptional films that explore life experiences as well as dynamic speakers who engage our audience.

Ticket revenue accounts for a portion of the FilmFest’s budget. We rely on our sponsors to bridge the difference and help us create an outstanding Festival for all!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a 2025 Jewish Film Fest sponsor, please contact

The Jewish FilmFest of Eastern CT is made possible by the generous support of donors like you. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.


Thank you to our 2024 Jewish FilmFest Sponsors...


Jewett City Savings Bank

Executive Producer

Daren Philanthropic Fund

Leiser Family Foundation


Congregation Sharah Zedek

Gertrude & Seebert Goldowsky Fund

Hochberg Holocaust & Human Rights Education Committee

Mark & Nadine Lipman

MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner

Temple Bnai Israel (sponsoring Story of Annette Zelman)

Valenti Family of Dealerships

Leading Actor

Bart Sayet

Kim & Kenn Fischburg

Richard Pascal

Whaling City Ford

Supporting Cast

Cecile & Barry Feldman

Karen & Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg

Rick & Myra Gipstein

Stanley & Karen Bloustine


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